Poets’ Quarterly publishes in-depth reviews of poetry books and chapbooks, interviews with poets about their work and the ever-shifting scope of poetry in society and among the arts, and essays from poets and others about topics that affect and inspire both writers and readers of poetry now.

Poets’ Quarterly actively seeks to review and report about new work from emerging and established poets, poets engaged in collaboration with other artistic media, those on the frontier of expanding the places and ways poetry can happen, and writers of excellent traditional literary verse.

Poets’ Quarterly believes in poets who are actively involved in their communities. Writing is a solitary profession, but is vitalized by public readings and discussions, workshops and mentorships, collaborations and interdisciplinary experiments. Inspiration comes from anywhere, writing is important work, and PQ can help.

Poets’ Quarterly was founded in 2009 to showcase the overall scope of work poets contribute to their society. From the beginning Poets’ Quarterly has aimed to emphasize the importance of poetic contributions to the literary community and the community-at-large, and to recognize both the diversities and commonalities expressed through this art form.The views and opinions expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect those of PQ.


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