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From Motown to Mos Def: The Musical Influences of Patricia Smith, Major Jackson, and Kevin Coval

Posted in July 29, 2012

By PQ Contributing Editor Brian Fanelli  Popular music that comes out of African-American culture provides not only content, but rhythms and cultural values that animate the work of the poets Patricia Smith, Major Jackson, and Kevin Coval, poets who give …

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The Inexplicable Math of Good Poetry

Posted in July 21, 2012

I am at no loss for information about you and your family; but I am at a loss where to begin. — Demosthenes  By Grace Curtis for Poets’ Quarterly Recently, an editor of a well-known journal posted a message online …

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The Intersection of Poetry and Prose: Summer of the Novella

Posted in July 9, 2012

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the intersection of poetry and prose. Although my background is in poetry, I’ve always loved reading novels, and recently finished writing a novel-length book myself. Genres aside, what I’m really drawn to is …

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The Art of the Sonnet edited by Stephen Burt and David Mikics

Posted in July 1, 2012

The Art of the Sonnet  Edited by Stephen Burt and David Mikics Belknap Press (Harvard),Cambridge, 2010 Paperback, 464 pages ISBN: 978-0674061804   Reviewed by PQ Contributing Editor Arthur McMaster   As the sonnet approaches its nominal seven hundredth birthday, counting …

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