Perceptual Bubbles

One thing poetry can do is grab our sunken (that is to say, sublimated or denied) preconceptions, bubble them to the surface, and pop them so close our eyes, it stings. It can be excruciating or refreshing to change direction–sometimes it’s both. Whether the topic is pets, parents, illness, or language itself, sometimes our eyes water.

Welcome to the Fall 2015 issue of PQ. You’re guaranteed pleasures and challenges this time. We’ve brought you reviews of books we love, interviews with poets we admire, and essays about ideas we are intrigued to think about. Reading them is very a good idea. Every single month we’re delighted to find that poets we’ve featured in past issues have won new awards, published new poems and books, and been busy with new projects as teachers, speakers, activists and thinkers.

PQ keeps you inspired and informed.

So enjoy these articles that dive deep and swim wide, and be a regular visitor to our social media sites for fascinating, timely dispatches from around the world. Better yet, join the conversation. We thrive on your comments and submissions.