Fall 2013 Issue and Welcome

Greetings PQ friends!
Welcome to our fall issue of PQ. Please visit the Current Issue to see our latest content. In this issue, we have 18 reviews, 4 essays, and 5 interviews for you to enjoy and share. 
If you’re interested in writing reviews or other work for PQ, be sure to check out the Guidelines to know where and how to direct your queries and submissions. Remember, we’re always on the hunt for entertaining and insightful blog posts in between issues, so talk to Leslie if you have an idea! Reviews and interviews may be submitted any time, too. 
Thanks, as always, to our magnificent and generous team here at PQ. Our editors and contributors volunteer their time to share their reviews, ideas, and questions with you. Our intern, Heather Lowery, has been busy in her role as Assistant Editor; you’ll see she’s helped upload much of this issue’s content—and she’s working on archiving past issues, something that’s long overdue here at PQ. Heather has also broken free of her poetry fears and tackled some interviews, reviews, and even an essay on Seamus Heaney. We think it won’t be long before she begins writing her own poems! 
We hope you enjoy this latest issue and share our links in your social media spheres. We appreciate the word of mouth! Thanks for your continued interest in Poets’ Quarterly. Like us on Facebook and stay tuned for more great content coming soon.   
Kind regards,  

Lori A. May  

Founding Editor/Publisher 
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