Welcome to our October issue of PQ!

We want to thank everyone for making our relaunch in July such a great success! 

Here’s what we have for you in our October issue:  


 The Clock of The Long Now by Annabelle Moseley
reviewed by PQ Contributing Editor Leya Burns

On the Spectrum of Possible Deaths by Lucia Perillo 
reviewed by PQ Contributing Editor Arthur McMaster

Victory by Ben Kopel 
reviewed by PQ Contributing Editor Brian Fanelli

Phyla of Joy, by Karen An-Hwei Lee 
reviewed by PQ Contributing Editor Ann E. Michael

Our Lady of The Ruins, by Traci Brimhall 
reviewed by PQ Contributing Editor Brian Russell

The Commute, by Susan Scutti
reviewed by PQ Contributing Editor Dawn Leas


Rachel Eliza: Past, Present and Now
by PQ Interviews Editor Millicent Accardi 

A Man With a Beautiful Mind
by Sonya Sabanac for Poets’ Quarterly

Making Poetic History—Interview with Shaindel Beers
 by Kathi Stafford for Poets’ Quarterly


Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Creative Writing Classroom
by David Wright for Poets’ Quarterly 

The Triggering Tune: Springsteen Songs as “Places” of Inspiration for Poetry
By PQ Contributing Editor Ann E. Michael

We have lot of new things happening at PQ!  We want to send out a welcome to our new Contributing Editors: Dan Coffey, Ann Michael, Shauna Osborn, Felicia Elam and Leya Burns. As well as a big thank you to all of our editors and contributors for another great issue.

We also want to thank our Department Editors: Tasha, Millicent and Leslie for another group of intriguing reviews, interviews and essays.

We are always grateful for all of the hard work and time our Contributing Editors put into getting all of those lovely submissions to PQ. So here’s a big thank you to: Brian Fanelli, Dawn Leas, Arther McMaster, Brian Russell and Elizabeth Switaj.

Of course none of the would be possible without our founder and publisher Lori A. May.

We hope you will enjoy our new issue of PQ.

Joan Hanna
Managing Editor